Ultra Premium, Quick Brewing, and Convenient

Ultra premium pure tea leaves from master tea sommelier
Brews in seconds with our Tea Activation™, trademarked process
Take it with you anywhere for your active lifestyle


Specially blended for Hiya by one of the top nationally ranked master green tea sommeliers (Kanteishi and Cha-Sho) from Japan, Haruhide Morita.
Strictly tea from the Kyoto region of Japan where the highest quality green teas are grown.
Pure tea. Period. Unlike many other teas, we have no preservatives, no powder, no amino-acids, no flavor enhancers.
Conveniently brews in cold water in ten to twenty seconds through agitation.
Does not get bitter even if left in the water.
Individually sealed package retains freshness better and can be carried individually.

Brews In Seconds Without Hot Water

Step 1: Drop Hiya into a bottle of room temp/cold water.
Step 2: Shake for fifteen to thirty seconds and its ready to drink.
Our specialized tea bag with premium green tea requires no complicated equipment, no hot water, no waiting, and no hassle.

Great for On-the-Go Brewing

All you need is water and a reusable bottle so you can take Hiya with you anywhere. It's great for exercising, excursions, and daily adventures.
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Sophisticated Bitterless Green Tea

Hiya is extremely easy to drink becasue of it's smooth and subtle flavors without the bitterness found in other green teas.
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