Great for on-the-go Brewing

Hiya is great to take anywhere! Whether you're exercising, lounging on the beach, or walking into a meeting at your office, you can brew fresh tea in seconds. It's great for people like:
Hikers & Campers Athletics & Yoga Busy Artists
On-the-go Moms World Travelers Tea Enthusiasts

Hiya Explores

The world is getting more connected everyday and we want to help support your adventures! We're exploring the world with Hiya along with you! We like taking it to every place we go and the photos here are some of our experiences with Hiya around the world. Please take a look!

Send us Your Photos!

Some of our customers and friends sent in photos from around the world with Hiya and they're shown here as well. If you have any that you'd like to share with us, please send it to or post our our facebook page!