Product Information

Hiya is the new ritual for brewing tea. Simply place Hiya into a bottle of water, agitate for twenty seconds, and it’s ready to enjoy. To compliment this new invention, discovered by one of the founders of Hiya, we use some of the highest quality teas in the world. The tea in Hiya is a unique blend by renowned tea master, Haruhide Morita from Japan. This premium blend is not available anywhere else in the world. Hiya is aromatic, and sophisticated, with a bitterless quality that’s popular for active lifestyles. Unlike some of the other tea sachets, each Hiya is completely sealed to retain its freshness so you can carry it anywhere you go. Whether it’s exploring the outdoors, going out, or working in an office, Hiya is ready to go wherever you go.

Company Informaiton

Hiya LLC was founded in New York and Los Angeles by a father, son, and friend. Tetsuo Nakatsu, the founder and inventor of the process shared the idea with his son Ko Nakatsu, a design strategist. With their partner Eric Lai, a designer from Cincinnati, they co-founded Hiya and launched a crowdfunding campaign on this entirely new method to brew an ancient beverage. Hiya was funded at 699% of the funding goal by fans from around the world, 46 states and 26 different countries. Hiya then went on to make this available for the rest of the public on their Hiya online store. They have since then gone on to support people’s desire to achieve goals, travel, and be healthy. More in depth story on our small business can be seen on the Intuit website.


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