Hiya's Master Tea Sommelier

We proudly present tea by cha-kanteishi and cha-sho, Haruhide Morita. Morita-san was bestowed the honor of winning the national tea appraisal championships in Japan multiple times. The first was in 1970 at the age of 19, setting a new record as the youngest champion in history. He also set another record as the top ranked appraiser for twenty consecutive years. In 1994, he was accredited with the highest master class as the ninth "dan" (level) tea master, a class that takes a lifetime commitment to reach. He has won many other awards including the prestigious honor from Japan's Ministry of Agriculture.

Hiya is 100% Pure Tea from Kyoto

Hiya's tea is handpicked from the Kyoto region of Japan. While other teas may contain additives, Hiya is 100% pure tea. We use Uji-cha that has been specially blended to create a flavor profile that is almost bitterless and is great for cold-brewing Hiya.

Very Special Blend

Green tea is like wine. Different farms have different flavor profiles. Much like a Bordeaux, Hiya is a special blend created to have a unique and distinct yet mild flavor compared to other teas.

Green Tea, Should be Green

Low quality green teas and pre-bottled green teas that's gone under an industrial process to leech out the flavors are brown or dark yellow. Some also have additives to keep the color. Hiya brews to a beautiful green hue, because it's pure green tea.

Produced in Small Batches

We produce Hiya in very limited quantities and in small batches to keep the level of freshness high. We also fly the tea from Japan because tea shipped by sea is bombarded by the heat and sun which degrades the quality of the tea.