The people here are doing amazing things and making a positive influence on the world. They are our friends and heroes. We want to celebrate their accomplishments and continued pursuit of doing great things! They happen to be fans of Hiya too and we're looking forward to sharing their stories with you.

Courtney Chu, Eco-Designer, Artist


Courtney is a major inspiration here at Hiya. She creates adorable designs for kids with her line CourtneyCourtney. She produces hundreds of designs every year and there's no slowing down! Her passion is absolutely contagious.

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Eric Reiger AKA Hottea, Artist

We're amazed with the typography and the non-destructive way Hottea brings art out to the street. We've been huge fans of street art for a while but haven't seen anything like HotTea's work that elevates the simple tag to a whole new level. He likes cold tea, but we like hot tea too!

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jeffstaple gained a considerable following (including us!) from his unique perspective and involvement in the world of streetwear! The way he's built himself, ground-up, has been a constant inspiration for us in our own careers. He's created everything from a creative agency, Staple Design, which has its own clothing collection, to retail stores, and galleries. He's continually involved in creative outlets and collaborations. We're ecstatic that he likes Hiya!

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Lauren Jelencovich, Singer

Lauren's voice captures audiences' hearts all around the world. She's constantly on tour to share her voice and art with people from all differentt cultures! We had a chance to see her perform right here in Los Angeles and it was an epic performance of a whole new caliber. When we heard singers love tea, we had to share Hiya with her!

More about Lauren to come soon!

Adam Seger, Mixologist

To call Adam just a mixologist would be a major understatement! Like all art, his cocktails stimulates all the senses. He brings a lot of life into his drinks that he creates for clients and friends!

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